Walmart Veteran Greeter FORCED To Remove Cap, Muslim Allowed To Wear Hijab


For quite some time, a man visiting his local Walmart noticed an employee proudly declaring his veteran status by wearing pins on his hat until the store made him take the hat off, citing the store’s “dress code.” Quite dismayed by the entire scenario, things would only get worse as he came back some time later and saw what a Muslim was doing.

The account was given by Lee Young on his Facebook page after posting a photo of what appears to be a Muslim Walmart employee taking a drink of water. Although it didn’t really seem too out of the ordinary, the description that came along with it has it going viral.

According to Lee, since he can remember, he’s seen an elderly employee named Val working at the Walmart in Okemos, Michigan. The thing is, this particular employee is a veteran of the United States military – and boy, was he proud of it.

Lee states that everyone knew Val was a vet because “he illustrates his pride through the highly decorated Veteran baseball cap he wears.” However, he went on to say that one day he was a bit more than surprised to see the employee not wearing his hat, but rather a bright blue Walmart hat in its place.

If a man can’t show pride in the fact that he protected our nation against threats both foreign and domestic, but a woman can show support for a religion that has declared their intent to destroy our nation, well, I think you can see the problem.

Our veterans, if anyone, deserve the most respect this nation has to offer. Unfortunately, under the reign of Barack Obama, that sentiment has been lost and, making matters worse, has been replaced by Muslims – many of whom wish to see our necks slit.