The Second Tagger of the Venice Vietnam Wall is Arrested

Memorial Wall

Our unity against the vandalism was Successful!

Second Tagger, “Pheb”, Charged with defacing Venice Vietnam Memorial Wall

Background:  — Los Angeles Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Vandalized —
Background:  — The Tagger of the Vietnam War Memorial Is Arrested —

In May 2016 at the Memorial Wall in Venice, LA, some graffiti crew painted a bomb on the wall, but only one of them was caught and sentenced so the case was closed. However, conscious people from USA didn’t leave this accident as if it is, but decided to take matters into their own hands.

In order to make this case more popular, they shared a Facebook post regarding the page of Vietnam Vets of America. Due to the noise that everybody made about what happened – over 1 million shares – this news have reached around 15 million people and this obviously gave some result. A lot of worthy people expressed their opinions about it, and united around the idea of justice being served.

A comment from Larry Lockard:

A comment from Linda Garcia:

Police officers got engaged into it once again thanks to us. They reopened the case, pursued the criminal and on 24th of October another villain got caught. 

A young man, only 20-year-old, was charged with the cruel vandalism about the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Venice, Los Angeles. The arrest was made on October 24. Luis Daniel Median is known by the moniker “Pheb”

The detriment caused there should be paid around $400. This person is sentenced not only for his wall defilement, but also for other small wrongdoings similar to graffiti. “Pheb” obviously lost his prejudice as he caused damage to this holy memorial of the Fallen ones. This person said that he is sorry for what he did and that it’s been done without any bad intentions. His punishment made people talk a lot about this case.

“He defiled one of the most holy memorials in USA, but in the end he only got away with miserable $400. This means ‘death’ for American culture” – said veteran Chris Shrobury.

The other two criminals, who took part in the crime, are still missing. The more people engaged personally with this case, the more successful the process of their finding will be. The fact that our community encourages the police investigation proves that the united society is one of the most powerful weapons nowadays. You know how it works – it’s up to you to make it happen.

7 thoughts on “The Second Tagger of the Venice Vietnam Wall is Arrested

  1. Veteran, ’66 to ’74, 69 years old. Would love 2 minutes with these disrespectful hooligans, in a room, with a leather belt. Some asses would be “GRAFFITI’d”….

  2. Gregory Cain Candia has been painting illegally with Snake, Pheb, and Liter regularly and was arrested in Los Angeles county as well recently, Gregory aka “Sucio” has been arrested 3 times this year and released with in 24 hrs each time, this last time he was released on something like a 7200 dollar bond. He hangs with the “missing” vandal “Snake” regularly as well..they all hang in Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Venice memorial vandals are known to get their paint supplied from “James McIngvale” who has a graffiti spray paint company based out of Texas called “Oink Art LTD” and “Fresh paint” and is the son of “Jim McIngvale” who runs a Furniture store in Texas called “Gallery Furniture” which ironically gets alot of their money from “Veterans”. Noner’s WKT crew is run by “sean robert godwin” aka “SW” aka “Swerve” which is serving a 180 month sentence currently at “fci victorville” for Drugs and guns, While Sean is locked up his brother “nicholas godwin” aka “Naves” is running the WKT crew….nicholas godwin is currently trying to write a book to make money off what the WKT crew does, they also have a company called “TBIS Clothing”.

  3. How can this “Oink art” aka “Fresh paint” company be allowed to legally do buisness when the owner admits to knowing the customers use the products illegally and even encourages the use of it’s products to be used illegally??? HOW is this company STILLLL in buisness????

    Here James Mcingvale admits he is a “Vandal” and runs the “Oink art” aka “Fresh paint” Company

    Here James is being interviewd by the WKT crew (Noner’s crew)

    Here James admits to supplying Qyer BCM (BCM is the crew Pheb, Liter, and Snake is with) spray paint in order to make more paint sales, interestingly James also admits to supplying Tuser WKT paint as well

    Here James used filmed footage of “NONER” using paint supplied by James NUMEROUS times to vandalize locations and then James uses this footage to try and make more Spray paint sales
    8 minute mark in this video

    6 minute mark here

    Here James admits supplying paint to Noner

    And here as well

  4. My brother served during that war. And came home a hero. The people who defaced this memorial should be sentenced to prison. Saying iam sorry and a fine is wrong. He’s only 20. He is just a tip of what’s to become of him. He knows the others. I say prison is the best place and he should be shamed and where a sign saying what he did. Shame on him.

  5. I remember when I went to Washington with family to see the sights. The Vietnam War memorial as well as the others was an incredible work of art. So simple in it’s statement but so profoundly moving in the emotion it conveyed. Then visiting the museum where on display all of the tributes left at the wall by family members & friends. These criminals should be heavily fined, imprisoned, be made to do graffiti removal, apologize to the families & do talks on the impact of their actions. Not just a slap on the wrist but until it hurts, they lose years of their lives making up for their despicable actions. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  6. There should be a federal regulation covering the security of our memorials and a part of it should be vandals MUST pay an appropriate fine for defacing memorials and a automatic one year in prison. I THINK TRUMP WOULD SUPPORT THAT.

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