Thank You!

You’ll never be Forgotten!

          We want EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN to HEAR, share and give Respect to those who served! Because of them YOU’RE listening to this song now! Don’t forget your heroes. Don’t make their sacrifice worthless! Be the one who is thankful for his living today! SALUTE by one simple share of this song! Our Veterans will be very joyful to see this song everywhere on Internet. Be the one who is not just skipping into posts. It’s not a big deal to show a veteran you respect him.



You’ll NEVER be Forgotten!


God Bless America!

12 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. My husband spent 20 yrs. in the Air Force. Was part of “Air America” in 1960, 1960. Also part of Ranch Hands. He has had cancer throat and tongue from Agent Orange. His Daughter, my step daughter, who was born in 1976 had cervical cancer has been extremely ill from chemo, radiation and several illnesses which no one can explain, for 6 years. She is 40 yrs. old. There are so many children of Vietnam veterans who are in their 40’s and 50’s now who have illnesses that Dr’s. have been unable to diagnos. Will be ever be able to get these people help? I also served in the Army Nurse Corps and was in Vietnam in ’66 & ’67.

    1. Along with almost everything that appears to be building within this specific subject material, your points of view are actually somewhat exciting. However, I appologize, but I can not subscribe to your whole suggestion, all be it exlaairhting none the less. It looks to us that your opinions are actually not completely validated and in reality you are generally yourself not really fully certain of your argument. In any event I did take pleasure in looking at it.

    1. There was an article in Saveur or Bon Appetit a couple months ago, too – using urban rooftops for gardens and beekeeping is becoming legal and totally chic. I know the Garfield Park Coentrvasory started keeping hives a few years ago – they sell their honey for a park fundraiser since admission to the gardens is free, and one good sized jar lasts me all year. I think it tastes sweeter because I have seen where it comes from!

  2. my husband spent 12 years in the military,, 2 tours in NAM!!!!!
    sadly in passed,, october 22, 2015!!!!!
    MAY GOD BLESS!!!!!!!

    1. My husband also served in the Army. He too served 2 tours in Nam. He passed in 20005 and is missed every day by his family

  3. i dont know how many people saw the picture of the wall Vietnam Wall spray painted with graffiti.
    these people should be found and be arrested and given a 5 year long sentence. Please find the punk(s) that defaced this wall and show no mercy to them

    1. We have a Marine guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier 24/7/365, BUT NOT THE NAM WALL?
      Stop all your million dollar Hawaiian vacations and golf events, and protect our treasures, O’BUMMER!

  4. Very sad my brother served in Vietnam and died when he was only 19years old.the person or persons responsible for doing what they did to the wall should be punished . Thankyou to all who serve

  5. I did three tours in Vietnam. The one that did this should be punished to the maximum please let veterans deal with them in our own way.

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