Thank You! “The Eagle Cried”

God Bless Our Veterans!

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“The Eagle Cried” Written and recorded by US Army Major J Billington. This song was written in honor of the sacrifices of Vietnam veterans, who did not receive the hero’s welcome that they deserved when they came home from the fight. This song was written for and performed at the 13th Combat Aviation Battalion Reunion at Fort Rucker, Alabama, held on May 15, 2010. To the Vietnam veterans that may find and watch this video, please accept my humble “Thank you for your service, and welcome home!” J Billington May 19, 2010.

14 thoughts on “Thank You! “The Eagle Cried”

  1. God bless all the men and women who serve this country , my uncle name is on the Great Wall in DC . He lived and died for our freedom .

  2. They gave their all as was asked of them. They did not deserve what they returned to. They were heroes in their own right and should be treated as such. A great tribute song they justly deserve…

  3. Just as I wipe my tears away, just as you don’t understand what a Harley is until you have been on one, you don’t understand until you have been there!!!!’ Here is to all you brave “Nam” Airmen, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and Soldiers!!!! May you find peace brothers!

  4. Thank you so much for this song of tribute to the Vietnam Veterans. They were all heroes that this country threw down and tromped on them because it was not a popular war. The Army turned my husband down twice so he joined the U. S. Marine Corp in 1969. When they finished boot camp at Parris Island , South Carolina they asked for volunteers for Recon units. He was the first to volunteer for it. The guys thought he was crazy. He made it through the strenious training and loved what he did. Stayed in the service for his four year stint and would have stayed if they would have let him stayed in Recon. He now suffers many elements from his stint in Vietnam. Suffers Diabetes, eskeimic heart diease, and cancer do to Agent Orange exposure. Also Post Tramatic Stress from some of his memories from the war. He does pretty well now with the good care he gets from the V.A. But he never forgets how when he came home the hateful things that people said to him about the war and the worse was when some would actually spit on them. These veterans were really treated with unfair judgement because they were drafted most of them and it seemed our government just turned their back on them for many years in order for them to get anything. Anyway I am proud of my husband service and all of the men and women that served during that unpopular war.

  5. What a beautiful song of truth!! We need to comtinue supporting the people who have given there lives for our country!!! Also to those who are putting their lives on the line we Thank You!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  6. Thank you to all the Vietnam veterans for their sacrifices. So very sorry they were treated so bad when they returned home. I shed many a tear when they were represented in parades, etc and people would “boo” them!! I would always stand and clap for them!!!

  7. Thank you, Major Billington! This is the first time I hear this song! Welcome Home, Sir!

  8. What a beautiful tribute to our Vietnam Vets! The Eagle cried again when evil vandals desicrated the Memorial wall in Venice CA! ??

  9. Wonderful heart felt song ment for our soldiers who give their all so we can live free. Would they want their loved ones headstones or graves desicrated like this? !! Some kids have no respect for anyone or anything they probably can’t read any of our text. God Bless all our soldiers and their families !

  10. Although years late I’m seeing this, Major Billington, above and beyond sir! I am the current Cmdr. of the All*Stars for the past 5 of 27 yrs. We are a Joint Armed Forces, Active Duty, Veteran Baseball team. 2 were picked up by MLB this year. We traveled 10,000 miles this season, 12 states and over 30 Honor events in 10 weeks, Honoring through the venue of Baseball. We see thousands at each event and make it our point to say thank you in front of their entire community, along with their local media, when visiting their area. We enter a town and visit Veteran Ctr’s, Nursing homes and VA Hospitals. We conduct Vet Youth fielding & batting clinics. We invite the oldest living Veteran, ALL Veteran Business owners and ALL Veteran groups, the VFW, American Legion ETC… ALL recruiters are invited to set up at every event, at no charge. I am 60 yr.old Volunteer Constantly searching for alike minded sponsors. I understand the past disconnect, but I see a difference over the past years towards ALL Veterans. I would be proud to speak with you about anything we, the All*Stars can do for raising more awareness thru our events, website and mail outs. We can have this listed on our Veteran Resources page too. Job well done!!

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