Policeman Rescues Mother and her 3 Kids from Sure Death

          Everyone know that the policeman lives are in danger 24/7. Everyone know that they risk their lives everyday for people who may not be thankful at all, but again we have a policeman from Florida who risk his live without thinking to save a mother and her three children.Capture1

          On Sunday July 24th, in Florida, Deputy Justin Ferrari run into action. A crazy husband opened fire at his wife and her 3 children. He shot her in the leg and when the police arrived she had made it to go outside but her kids were inside. The Policeman ran into the house to save the kids. 2 more shots were made that time.




The full video:
[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbWwOw3rRH8[/embedyt]


God Bless America!

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