Pokémon Go. Veteran Was Insulted by a Young Man Because of Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is a free game for mobile devices based on location and 0711-pokemon-2augmented reality, developed by Niantic and published by Pokemon. The game lets players capture, lead battles and train virtual creatures called Pokémon (Pokémon), which appear the screen of the device, as in the real world and virtual laid everywhere in real cities and towns around the world. It happens thanks to joint use of GPS and a camera on your mobile device (Phone and / or tablet).

Yesterday August 4, 2016 while walking in the city park, 61-year-old Tommy Grady decided to hold a conversation with a young man seeking Pokémons. Angered by the words of the Vet, the unemployed 27-year-old Chris Gordan respodended too harshly to the curious veteran.

“Are you working son or just wasting your time with this stupid game?” – asked Tommy

“None of your business old man, mind your own business and do not bother me” – sharply said the youngster

After several verbal exchange the conversation became too rough

“He started insulting me. I’ve been stupid, I’ve been ridiculous. He affected my family.” – complained the veteran – “He would beat me up if I was telling him something else”

The game is very addictive and the youth must be careful with playing it.



1 thought on “Pokémon Go. Veteran Was Insulted by a Young Man Because of Pokémon Go

  1. “None of your business old man, mind your own business and do not bother me” – sharply said the youngster.It sounds like the youth was being respectful and only stated he wanted to be left alone. If the veteran had respected his request this wouldn’t have been an issue but like so many others from my generation he probably just couldn’t let it go and mind his own business. Plus why would one put that he’s 27 and unemployed, who cares ?

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