Los Angeles Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Vandalized

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The monument, painted on the wall 24 years ago, was tagged with a giant swath of silver graffiti, covering many of the 2,273 names of missing veterans from the war. Sunday morning, dozens of volunteers were working to clean it up.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the act and other local officials are expressing their shock.

“Such ignorance and animosity,” said Venice Chamber of Commerce Vice President George Francisco, whose father was a Green Beret in Vietnam.

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“The wall represents a significant part of our history,” Oscars said. “Why did this happen right at Memorial Day weekend?” Oscars lamented.

“If you have any sense of history, you’d never do this,” Oscars said. “That’s lots of names. Those are people.”


368 thoughts on “Los Angeles Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Vandalized

  1. I think they should be put in jail for at least 30 years. I served in Viet Nam (68-69) and Ihave a lot of buddies on that wall. Dirty rotten SCUMBAGS.

    1. This should be a federal crime and carry with it a lifetime in jail. The vandals do not deserve to enjoy the freedom that these heroes fought for.

      1. Well said; the coward(s) that did this vile act need to be caught and brought to justice… You are no longer a welcome citizen of this great country of ours.

        1. Chances are they were not citizens anyway.. Probably from south of the border and they have no respect for those lives on that wall that were cut short serving out country in a bad time.. I am a Marine Vet 70-71.. !00% disabled from being in that shit hole of a country.. R.B. Barnby

      2. I hope they find those people and lock them up for life with their eyes wide open forced to watch our history of that wall and how our brave men and women sacrificed their lives so we can be free.

        1. The Government won’t find them, just like they are not taking care of our vets or the families that lost a loved one. It’s a shame but it’s true, the Government doesn’t want to talk about the rate of suiside’s. That to is a crime. R men and women are dying on a daily basis,but do you think the Government gives a shit. Ya let’s elec another disaster in office,she did nothing for them as 1st lady or Secretary of State…….

      3. LIFE? Wow what Libtard you are..yea this was a disgusting act but nowhere does it remotely justify a “life sentence” that’s the problem with society along with the douche who did this..but Hilary Clinton who jeopardized tens of thousands of classified documents and federal records by having an unsecured,illegal,hacked,private server then lying about it and destroying the evidence is not indicted and being propped up for POTUS? Where’s the
        Outrage for that? She put many service
        Men and women in harms way by allowing potential enemies of the US to hack into her emails

        1. TRUMPISM is promoting this despicable DISRESPECT! TRUMPISM is promoting this ANIMOSITY! #DumpTrump

          1. Stupid, stupid comment! This was an act of vandalism not a political statement.

          2. Dave your full of shit. Don’t blame Trump for this. You’re crazy!

        2. You are so right I don’t feel they should go to jail for life, I feel they should be made to clean it up and then sit in front of it with a sign that says I am the one who defaced the wall

        3. How dare you use this to tout politics. Get a life and stop blaming .
          I bet you never served and never had anyone in your family die to give you the freedom you so enjoy , enough to just open your mouth to blame someone.

        4. See that’s the problem with Ameica, your right, the little bastards don’t deserve life in prison, why should I have to pay for them to live. Line them up front of that wall and shoot them Til their blood covers it. Period.

        5. Thomas Jefferson. First, you shame that name by the use. 2nd, Jefferson was a progressive, as were most of the Founding Fathers. Your fellow conservatoves, were called Trrie, and they fought on the side of King George. Finally, since when does a conserevative defend the deecratuion of a nNational Monument? You simply used this as a phony opportunity to try and bash Hillary Clinton. “Tens of thousands of classified documents”??? Whqt kind of whacky weed havee you been smoking. First of all there weree 33,000 deleted emails, Had they ALL been classified, that wuold be a grand total count of THREE, in terms of tens of thousqnds. Your depiction is hard;y accurate. Even less so, when one considers that the FFBI Director has admitted that NONE of the emails were in fact properly marked as classified when they were sent TO her, so there was no reason for her to believe they were in fat classified. To the point, he ahs stated that no evidence exists which sugests she violated any laws at all.

          1. And it’s been known since the day they released her of those confidential Emails that she did what Clintons do buy their way out. She has more blood on her hands as much as all the terrorist she has in our country- so you sir are the blind one here! Keep believing the liar as she has been proven time and time to be!!!! Even Obama said it when she ran against him! Only now his words have changed due to a order to play out world domination!

          2. And FBI admitted the truth in the meeting with Trey Gowdy WATCH IT HILLARY WAS GUILTY ON ALL PARTS just paid the debt to be released!!!

          3. Then if she was not GUITY at all why
            Refuse to turn over her emails ???
            No one has seen them all . Just for
            The fact that she had-1 Disregarded
            The Congressional Decree to turn over all Emails which she never Did
            This was also Done by a federal Judge which by the way is enough to
            Put her in jail 1 failure to Obay a Court order we all know she Comited Treason in Bengazi but they already Lowered the Bar for that with HANIO Jane.

        6. Hey TJ, 7 stay on the subject being commented on. This act of vandalism must be delt with harshly. A life sentence might be a bit harsh but it would certainly send a strong message. I think you are the one being a Liberal for allowing a lesser sentence be the punishment.

        7. Thomas, from an OPB article – read this and weep! Hillary’s already apologized and the bottom line is that she didn’t break any laws – the emails she received WERE NOT CLASSIFIED (at least not marked by the issuing agency) at the time she received them! However, the excerpt here is from an OPB article: “In 2007, when Congress asked the Bush administration for emails surrounding the firing of eights U.S. attorneys, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales revealed that many of the emails requested could not be produced because they were sent on a non-government email server. The officials had used the private domain gwb43.com, a server run by the Republican National Committee. Two years later, it was revealed that potentially 22 million emails were deleted, which was considered by some to be a violation of the Presidential Records Act.” – Where is/was the outrage over that much more blatant and potentially damaging situation?

        8. Actually it was common practice in Washington to use private emails until the GOP saw an opportunity to try and bring Hillary down with their lies about it…bush deleted 22million + emails from the RNC private server he used, Powell and rice also had private servers, but all three are GOP so no issue….triple standard for Hillary as usual…there was no security breach on Hillary’s watch and the few minor level emails she re-sent were sent to her without the proper banner showing they were classified….so….no actual problem as usual…Hillary is a friend to vets of all eras…..please don’t drag her into this….trump is the one promoting all this disrespect for others and violent solutions to differences…Hillary would probably say what I say…catch the idiots that did this and sentence them to serve our country for two years and then sentence them to do community service for ten years at a veterans center…health or otherwise…let them see first hand what the price of freedom is….and just maybe they will become better people rather than career criminals trained by the other criminals in the prison system…..

        9. The problem with our country is people like you who would say would slap criminals on the hand and set them free. What should be done is what would be done in another country around the world cut the attending appendage off. We have set aside to long and did nothing for crimes like this. It’s time to take real action.

        10. Who says we are not outraged by Hillary and her criminal acts? There are plenty of us who wish to see her put where she belongs. Unfortunately, the kool aid swallowers and the scumbag mobsters that are backing her are going to cheat her way into the white house. What a country. Our Vietnam veterans were treated despicably and this horrible act is disgusting and should be a federal offense. I hope the scumbags who did this are apprehended and a just punishment is given them.


      4. Robert Kelly/Marion Janis..As a Vietnam vet myself I’m appalled over this but to think 30 years or life for this is just not acceptable. First I don’t want to support these venomous people all these years in prison. How about they get fined ($$ to fix/repair wall) for their actions. Then they are hit with say a years community service cleaning trash from highways, trash from public parks, graffiti from public buildings or anything that is deemed to be cleaned. They could also be told to serve in VA hospitals to help clean, serve vets or anything that a supervisor deemed they needed to do. I think all of these things will serve a much better response for them and us.

        1. I agree John Healy, putting them in jail will be like slapping them on the wrist. Make them work off thier crime! there are plenty of things that they could help with as you named a few, that’s the trouble with the law they don’t put it to good use ” throw them in jail that’ll teach em” No it doesn’t teach them it’s like “ok I’m locked up I don’t have to do anything just hang out here till my time is done” What good is that? So yes they should be put to work, let them know what it’s like to clean things up or to help someone in need, I agree!

        2. Agree especially serving the Vet part. Maybe when they see what happens when a true hero puts his life on the line they may have a change of heart if they have one.

          I’m a 20 yr vet.

        3. I like the part of them serving in a VA hospital, but it is almost scary to put someone in the hospital to help Veterans that did such a crime! They should be made to clean public toilets every day for a couple of years with great supervision to make sure they were working and not breaking.

        4. I agree with John Healy. prison is not proper punishment. Visible action appropriate to thiss horrific crime is physically cleaning up and restoring the memorial and many hours of community service as suggested.

        5. I think that is the best response yet. Just throwing someone in prison doesn’t necessarily teach them a lesson. Making them pay financially and with service would do more!

        6. Exactly…very well said John! Thank You for your Service!
          I don’t understand that there weren’t any cameras…

        7. That is a very good idea John Healy . I am really sick of of these disrespectful people .

        8. I agree with you everything you said instead of a year make a couple years they have to do community service

      5. Please let me have the vandals for just a couple of hours. I can guarantee they will never vandalize ANYTHING again

      6. You are correct in that this should be a FEDERAL crime so that this is punishable across the country and for life!

      7. I’d be great with it if we “tagged” the person with a tattoo of every name this person (or people) erased, as long as this person (or people) lives they will “never forget!”

      8. Words can not even begin to express my anger over what has been done. What in the hell is wrong with people .Even if you were not born when Vietnam was happening and don’t what a horrible time it was there is still no reason whatever to deface something which honors that that fought, diet and were maimed for life in that horrid war. I think more of hanging them, maybe in the area of the memorial. Let them give up their lives for some they choose to do unlike our war veterans who had no choice and the matter and ended up have their lives taken. I’m so proud they represented their country while I think your destruction makes you less than pond skum and you have no right living in this country

    2. I am just sick that someone could do this! They need to be found and justice served. This is a hate crime and should be treated as such.

      1. I like Kathy response. They should get max in punishment by law. I have family member and friends who served in Viet Nam some returned home some did not. This is pure hate. Hey the bastards.

      2. It is a hate crime. It’s a sign of our times – “progressives” who are “against all war” somehow think erasing names of vets makes them superior – or feel that way. Disgusts me.

        1. Progressives who are against all war are fairly benign in their protests….they don’t believe in hate and violence..I doubt liberals did this…this was more likely bored gang members. I couldn’t read what it said in the graffiti but doubt it was political…

      3. Considering the target, “hate crime” could be elevated to an investigation of actively supporting terrorism! Let Homeland chew on this one alongside local, county and state investigators.

    3. Tragic and unbelievably ignorant hope they catch these evil demons and put them into the army

        1. Put them to death, these things that did this are just cowards! Try that c rap on a living breathing Vet. I for one would gut you like a pig then feed your sorry chicken crap body to pigs.

        2. You couldn’t keep knowing what they did hidden from the troops around these little terrorist wannabes. A friendly fire incident may be in their future. I’d rather not put our soldiers in a position to even consider that.
          Just send ’em to that Sheriff in Arizona.

      1. The person or persons who are responsible for this disgraceful act should be found and prosecuted. God Help Them realize the hatred in their hearts and seek to find healing.This leaves us with a hurt, sick feeling at the outrage and bitterness. Dear Lord; Open the blinded eyes and deaf ears that they may seek this healing.

      2. The vandals shouldbe found, if they haven’t already, and make them clean up their mess while the public watches them!!!!

      3. we dont want them terry.this is ghetto garbage.they are not worthy to wear the uniform

    4. I think it is terrible what that person did to the memorial wall. I agree that when the person who did this is found they should be put in prison for a long time.

    5. My first thought is install cameras so they can see who the lowlifes are if they come back when they find out who they are they should make them clean it off pay damages then take them to a Veteran’s Hospital so they can meet real men who have fought for our country who gave them the Freedom they enjoy today , then let them spend time in jail, with veterans, if any are there.

      1. I agree with everything you said. Let them see what they defaced…Such disrespect to our heroes….KARMA IS A BITCH…

      2. I agree. That’s what i was thinking. Cameras should be installed in a place so the faces can be fully exposed. Then follow through with the punishment.

      3. Great idea, Linda! This has enraged people across the country. My ex was a Vietnam veteran, and recently passed away from complications of Agent Orange.

      4. Linda. I would go one better make them do community service at a veterans home fo a minimum of 6 months.

      5. I agree! Just putting them in jail means free food. make them clean it off. then make them do 1-2 years community service in a vets home!

        1. Now you’re talking; the punishment fits the crime…and is constructive… wise woman, June Harding!


      2. No matter who they are or where they’re from originally they no longer deserve to be in this country. I don’t care if it’s a white kid from suburbia they get the boot.

    6. I to served in the Nam ’71 and have buddies on that wall. I believe that whomever did this should be turned over to some (real men) Vietnam Vets and if there is anything left of the low life’s then send them to jail.

    7. I think they should be in jail rest of their life . They don’t deserve the freedom all these men & women have fought for for our country & tje ones fighting now and dogs . I hope this paint can be taken off and granite not ruined with their names and people that did it have to clean it . Come out just to clean it & have to take care of premises rest of their lives if they are in jail where it’s pheasable for that to happen .

    8. I think they should catch them and drop them all off in north korea for hostages to keep.
      Thug problems solved.

    9. I think they need to be on the front lines of a war the first to go in and see how they feel about America and those who give life and limb for our freedom. This is treason in my book. Once they return if they return they should spend the rest of their natural lives in solitude. Not prison that;s too good for them!

    10. I think those who are responsible for this disgraceful action against our men & women should be found and sentenced life in prison, for destroying a special memorial to our heroes! Thank you all men & women for fighting for our independent! This is shameful and should be punished !

    11. I agree. No quarter should be given. Punish them to the hilt. My buddies on the wall will see the later and trust me, there will be ____ to pay.

    12. I hope authorities have put maximum effort and resources into finding the criminal punks that did this.

    13. WTF! Who could even be right with this, let alone do something like this. Not only do they deserve to be arrested, but taken to an island far far away and left to make it on their own. Prison is too good for them!!!!!!

    14. Actually, they should have to join one of our forces and after basic be sent to a war zone!

    15. Thank you for your service to our country, Robert. America will never forget our debt to you.

    16. I think they should get life I’m not a VETERAN but I will not alow others to disrespect are men and women who served for us every day your all in my prayers and support

    17. It’s California.. “They” are merely exercising their 1st amendment right. (I don’t agree with it and that’s why I don’t live there.)

      1. NO, they are not exercising their 1st amendment right, they are vandalizing and destroying property, that is NOT A RIGHT, on or at or in any amendment.

        1. Dave,I could forgive you for being dumb because dumb can be forgiven but there is no forgiving for ignorance or sheer stupidity.Are you dumb or just plain stupid.For those who want to bring politics into this post,this is above politics.ESAD stupid!!!!!!

    18. No they need their arms ripped off so they will never vandalize anything again. I volunteer my aggressive services to beat their faces in. Jail my butt… They need to be beaten with a derm phone book. I’d say at the very least make them spend time with Vietnam Vets so they KNOW who they disrespected. After all the bull crud Vietnam Vets went thru to have their brothers n sisters disrespected like this … Omfg I am so furious…. They are lucky I don’t have a say in their punishment *growls*
      BTW thank you and welcome home sugar.

    19. 30 years is tooooooo lenient,though I didn’t serve in NAM,i know some that did,I

      say find him or her and give their sorry ass to the family and friends of those that gave their all for everyone of us in that war,just a few minutes with each person that was a family member or a buddy,then see if it happens ever again.

    20. I totally agree with you RObert. My husband was in Vietnam twice and my brother was there too and my sisters husband who was wounded over there. That is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting that someone would vandalize such a sacred memorial. that is like vandalizing a church.

    21. Who ever did this should be punished, they were not taught to respect our military or anything else. This really is disturbing, my son is serving our country, I respect our troops and their families for the sacrifices they have done and doing now. These people should be taught a lesson

    22. They don’t deserve to live in the USA. Whoever did this should be dropped in the middle of the Iraqi desert!

    23. my x-husband was in Vietnam and his name is on the monument I think the person/(s) responsible should be made to help clean up the monument.

    24. No not in jail, they need to be relieved of their American status then be deployed over to Iran or surrounding ares and left to draw things on other peoples property over there, but unlike our POWs and MIAs, they will be forgotten, nobody, but nobody, with this kind of disrespect for the people that DIED giving these assholes there rights they have, have the right or deserve the priviledge of being amoung Americans

    25. As an American woman, 75 years old, I would like to describe how deeply I feel about ALL Vietnam Veterans who served in that war. Every time I meet or see a Vietnam Vet first ask if they are, then I become so filled with emotion I have to hold back tears, then I either hug them or shake their hand and thank them for their service. My feelings run deeply and are impossible to control and I have no idea why. Thank you for giving me a place to express how I feel about those who served and gave their lives for ALL Americans in Vietnam.

      1. make them go out on a patrol with some of my brother and sisters marines or make them go to Parris Island and watch the making of Marines. They repent quickly

    26. Unfortunately They give the rapist 3 months in Cali so they probably will do nothing to those involved in defacing property.

    27. The person or persons who vandalized the memorial dedicated to the brave young men who fought so valiantly in Viet Nam isn’t worthy to lick the boots of these courageous warriors. He who desecrated this memorial honoring these fearless soldiers who served is a yellow bellied coward sneaking around trying to undermine the valiant actions of those named on the monument, knowing he does not have the guts to ever act as heroically.

    28. My husband is s Viet Nam vet. ’67-’68. I totally agree. I pray they find them & make them pay for what they’ve done. This is disgraceful.

    29. I think they should get e heck of a lot more than just jail. They should also be forced to clean up their mess, and also made to apologize to veterans everywhere.

    30. I’m horrified that anyone could be so unbelievably shallow. They are without a hint of understanding of the courage of each individual whose names are on the memorial

    31. Some suggested making them work in a vets hospital serving vets.

      Sorry they are not qualified to shine their shoes, much less be around a vet.

    32. The person who did this has no values. Catch them and imprision them, then they”ll think about the cost of freedom..

    33. I’d be happy if we’d go back to what they did in ancient Greece–banish them. KIck them out of the country and strip them of citizenship.

    34. Amen to that. I graduated from high school in 1969 and I member crying because by then many of my friends had already gone over there and some had died. I appreciate what you did, sir, and your service. I, for one, think you should be honored.

    35. I think they need to be drafted and given knives and sent to the front lines to experience what fighting for freedom really is

    36. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our county. Those sorry people need to know what it is like to lose your loved one in a war. My older brother, Christopher George Delgado was killed in Vietnam during the Tet offensive and we were devastated and it has affected our family everyday of our lives. I would not wish this on anyone but those people need to sit in a room with family members of our fallen heroes and see how they handle that.

    37. I think a missing right hand should accompany that sentence. I too served and they should be made to suffer like our brothers did.

    38. I think they should be made to stand at the memorial at least one day for every name on the memorial with a sign around their neck saying “I disrespected this memorial by putting grafitin on it” and each day have the name of a different hero who name is on the wall.
      Then he should sit in a cell one day for each member on the wall.

  2. Amazing disrespect for those that have made a sacrifice for our beloved Country. Their are a lot of Californians on that wall, and soldiers from all states and territories, and of all religions, and ethnic groups. This is what happens when a country loses it’s identity and traditions.

  3. My husband fought in Viet Nam. He lost friends. I lost high school friends. These young punks have no respect for anything or anyone. Maybe we should restart the draft and let these disrespectful kids learn what life is all about. I doubt if any of them could make it through basic training.

    1. You don’t know who did it so why are you so sure they are young and what is young? 18, 20, 25, 13, 15, 30 ??? I have known graffiti artists that are over 50 what about them are they young and disrespectful?? My Dad was in Vietnam my grandfather served in the Calvary and he served in the Philippines also in Korea. My other grand father was storming the beach on D day. My Uncle spent 35 years in the Coast Guard. My step grand also WWII Germany. Both of my great grandfathers were in The Spanish American War. My Great great Grandparents and many uncles fought on both sides of the Un-Civil War against each other. My Great 4 x grandfathers where also officers in the revolutionary war. So we go deep into the country’s Struggle. I know that each one of them would die so you and I had the freedom of speech. Most other countries require 2 years of service from their citizens male and female at age 18. Our country would do well to incorporate growing food and country service into our children. Military teaches respect and order far to many young (under 18) kids receive none of that at home or growing up, but this is America land of the entitled our generation is willing to give everything up for a tiny gram of Security. Ben Franklin gets the credit though he was not the author of this quote Those willing to give up an ounce of freedom for a gram of security deserve neither.

      1. DON’T FORGET NATIVE AMERICANS THAT SERVED!!I am American Indian-There were GREAT native from the Choctaw Nation & Navajo Nation that served- CHOCTAW CODETALKERS-WW1 and the NAVAJO CODETALKERS -WW2- ANYBODY that’s Native know this! Hell us INDIANS has been fighting since Columbus got LOST! Terrorism, persecurion, slavery, forced marriges, being “deported” to reservations, money oil, EVERYTING-we as natives has had it HARDER than these soldiers that are on this wall as well as unnamed WARRIORS!

  4. Why are there no cameras and security on this wall? Who do I need to send dollars to for that to happen? Everyone on that wall and most off us who knew them or served with then did guard duty at one time for another. Its should be a given. This should NEVER happen again!!

  5. I am so tired of this generation who destroys everything! When in our history has a person been able to burn down businesses and not be charged with arson? Destroyed a monument like this and not be charged? Only in this day and age of hatred, racism, and disrespect and a lenient Government who sits back and says nothing. This Government has gotten away with so much corruption it makes me want to vomit! The example they have set is pathetic! From the highest office to the lowest, nothing but corruption!

    1. People said the same thing in the 60s. Don’t think I’m condoning this because I’m not, but if you look back in history this sort of stuff has been going on forever. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    2. Problem is simply ignorance and blame. The generations are many, of the people responsible for the issues at hand of all races and gender. You cannot target one specific generation or group. In all honesty it’s shamefull that people have gotten so low to do things like damage a wall representing not only soldiers but their families that have no closure and are left without loved ones. It’s hugely disgusting I agree but please don’t target just one set. There’s bad In every group all it takes is acceptance or just ignoring horrible acts and it stampedes out of control. Personally those responsible should be sent over seas to help clear land mines?

    3. I think your comment summed it up. I am so frightened for the current generations-who is going to stand up to this stuff? Thank you for posting

    4. I agree with you Mary. I am so tired of these people who think they are owed everything and that they have the right to do whatever they want because of some perceived disadvantage. No one has a right to vandalize, no one has a right to break and enter and steal. it just makes me sick these people today and you know who you are.

  6. they like what they did now let vet paint them in hart tar like dip them in it I lost some friends over in NAM.

  7. Lt. William Calley did much worse and he only did a couple of years. Others responsible with him served no time at all.

    1. What the he’ll does that mean? We’re you there? You were trained to follow orders, especially in combat. Until you have walked in our shoes, shut the he’ll up.

      1. Amen to that Robert. The guy who made the comparison is clueless. Maybe someone should give him a glass of coke with crushed glass in it. It might make him understand a few things.

    2. George, what Lt. Calley and his men did was wrong. But, his men acted under orders while in a war zone, therefore no time served. Terrible things happen in war. Your comment comparing Calley’s actions to the act of defacing a memorial dedicated to brave young men is stupid and crass.

    3. Yes, what he did was wrong. But those were a lot of young soldiers who probably were not there by choice. The clowns that did this planned it and have no respect for anything.

    4. Always got to be some yellow belly coward who has to throw a twist into a post. George, what are your credentials???

  8. Jail Time for All who did This .PsOS only do Crap like This. I have a Storage Garage with MS 13 Graffiti on 3 sides I have to
    paint Because of Gang Vandalism .

    1. I Agee with you totally!! Maybe then they would understand what this wall really means and stands for!!
      We could Hope anyway!! But I think cameras and some other form of protection for the wall is in order too..

  9. How about placing them in a stick -cage- on display so people can let them know what they think about them ???!!!

  10. Here is a prime example of the “demonic seed” left by the “hippies” of the Viet Nam era that use to spit on us, throw beer bottles at us and just generally considerated us baby killers! Another fine reason to have a military draft and maybe these maggots would have more respect for the men and women that provide a great nation for them to live in.

    1. “demonic seed” left by the “hippies”???

      While I’m totally appalled by the vandalism and totally agree that the guilty parties should be put in jail for a long time, I think you need some professional help if that is how you actually think.

  11. Whoever stole the land to put that slab of garbage filled with murderers on should be taken out and shot. Those of you that support this slab of garbage should be boiled alive.

    1. Dear Bob. Slab of garbage??? Full of murderers???? You just threatened to be a murderer yourself!!!! Get a hold of me, I’ll be your first guinea pig! Come kill me if you can!!!! But just remember, I shoot back and have been trained by the best! Now how about you pack up and move to ANY other country where you rights (if you have them there) aren’t paid for by “murderers” you useless prick!

      1. BB you are a total asshole! your comment means YOU didn’t serve no have anyone in your family serve. You have NO RIGHT to that comment then. My older brother is on that Wall – as are many other brothers, sisters, dads, etc. NO ONE has a right to judge any of them! They followed orders – that’s all. It was to keep stupid people like you free. Why didn’t you mention the atrocities done to them? Read a history book stupid! You should be in total respect of that and any other memorial depicting our soldiers. If you don’t like it here – LEAVE! I’m with Tex on what he says! Come say that to my face and see what happens!

      1. Bob…………your commenting on a veterans site….. From many services with quite a few even very skilled on a computer……..3 things ……….. They fought for your right to talk like an ingrate, making your statement a complete pile of excrement, the Vietcong were far worse murderers than you seem to believe going as far as excrement on pungee sticks, wounding just enough with cowardly traps to cause someone to suffer ect. And finally I’ll be surprised if this site doesn’t record and report your email which has any computer you used up address and server record on it that you cannot delete to a federal agency being that is a very unamerican and threatening statement suggesting even a possible part in the crime

    2. that is not a slab of garbage…it is the names of fathers,brothers,sons, uncles that paid with their life .where were you hiding when these brave young men were fighting for their lives and you coward was home with mama safe and sound…remember KARMA is a bitch and your day is coming..you are a coward of the worst kind..i support this slab of names that were not afraid to show where their bravery.God will bless them.oh yes there is a place in hell for the likes of you and people like you.

    3. You have got to be THE biggest effing moron! I’m sure you feel entitled too? I use smaller words so you can understand. ..I’m sure you are a drain on society. I’m sure you are uneducated because I cannot believe someone who has graduated high school, even, can ever think this! Do you understand war? Do you understand morals, doing something bigger than yourself, willing to die literally would step in front and take a bullet so you can live. I doubt it! I honestly don’t understand people like you. You’re everything that is wrong in the world!

    4. The only reason you can talk this way is because those men on the wall died for your right to do so. You’re a sick person who doesn’t deserve to live in this country. Please find a place to your liking & don’t come back. Personally I’d like to boil you alive! Shame on you!

    5. Barker you are a complete frucking Ass ! I hope I meet you one Day to Beat Your Ass ! I wasn’t there but I still care ! Every VET IS A HERO ! Gene

    6. What a sad, ignorant comment. Your comment can only come from some sad little man with no self respect or respect for anyone else. You are a sick, slimey, POS!! I lost many wonderful friends in Nam.

    7. Bob, you are a POS! These people whose names are listed gave their all for you to live in a free country! You don’t deserve to live here. Go somewhere else to spew your stupid thoughts. Our military are much better people than you! Just go away, far away!

    8. Bob Parker- We can only hope the next terrorist attack finds you burning in a cage and on YouTube.

    9. How dare you use the name of Bob Barker you ignorant slob. Bob Barker was a fighter pilot . You are not worthy of using his name.

    10. Back up your statement with facts Bob. The only garbage is coming out you mouth!!

    11. I realize that you’re no longer on The Price is Right, but you’ve got to start occupying your time better. Now, go take your meds, you hateful bastard.

    12. Ok Bob Barker not to good of a name the azzhole but we had a little thing in Nam for people like you and George and some of these other aHOLES we called it a Bouncing Betty and one called A Frag Granade they were what we used when we had smart asses like you two I hate to say it but vary few lived after a party with them two girls
      But people like you two you don’t deserve to be Americans and if I were you I would hope that the families of the men and women whose names are on this wall don’t find out who and where you two are because like me it would not bother them nor me would hesitate
      To put you both on a slab or just do you like Charlie did slot of us. Stick some pungy sticks under your fingernails and toenails then catch a bag full of rats then true then on your head until they eat off your ears nose and eyeballs
      Then take it off and make you guess when it’s gonna happen again. Then hook you up to a half dozen batteries connect them yo your testicles and then to your eyelids.
      Now if that’s not enough to change your outlook about us the vets that faught and died to make you asshole free to act the way you do The difference is ill kick your ass where those men and women’s whose names are in that wall can’t believe me you don’t want me no any other VietNam vets to catch you because we will plant you like an oak tree

    13. Bob barker you should be fucking shot where you stand! I 100% agree with Tex! Give me your info and I’ll shut your keyboard warrior mouth up permanently! If your not dead you will eating your meals through a straw for the rest of your miserable life!

    14. You can say what you will. On that wall are the names of many that believed in something greater than themselves and laid down their life for it. That concept is so above the normal discourse of this life, that Jesus said there is no greater love. At that time they went to war because their country called. I went also, and by the grace of God, returned alive forever honoring their sacrifice. It’s as simple as that. No politics or hatred is called for.

    15. Oh my God. I cannot believe you wrote that. Maybe you are the one who desecrated this sacred monument. Maybe people like you should be boiled alive. how is that. And you are not Bob Barker. You are some evil creep who has stolen his name. You should be banned from this site because you are an evil troll.

    16. How can you say that. You live in a free country. Like it or not, people like my father died there. My dad was a medic, not a shooter. He is credited with saving over 1000 lives. Not on his record, are all those innocent children, women, etc of Vietnese that he helped. He asked the family to send him things which he handed out to the locals.

      You have the Freedom to leave this great country that you now hate, so do yourself a favor and leave, don’t forget to shed your US passport and renounce your citizenship when you leave. Because what I read here, you might be safer in another country seeing you just pledged hatred to all those that serve in all of the US Services (Airfoirce, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, & all the national guard units and reserve units, & civil air patrols).

      You don’t deserve to live in a free country. It is ungreatful, hateful, lazy, wimpy jerks like you and the corrupt politicians that ruin our country.

      1. I totally agree Cindy.mWhoever did this does not deserve to live in this beautiful country that others of us love and have died for.

    17. Hey Bob,
      I’m assuming that you have never served in the military based on your comment. I served 17 years in the Army and during that time I spent two years away from my family and friends while I was in Iraq and Afghanistan. You want to call those who fought and died for your freedom murderers? You are a complete and utter idiot. You should be ashamed of yourself. Those brave men did what their country ordered them to do. If you did some research you’d find that the U.S. military actually helped many of the children and other civilians during that war.

    18. Aren’t you live in a country where you can make such statements and not be made to disappear. You’re allowed on the blood of my ancestors
      ( yep I come from a Cherokee Background too.)
      to say what you want but not one person has to like it.

    19. Oh you were an Abortion that lived Bob, Good for you. Too bad for the rest of the world AssHat! Now pucker up Buttercup!

  12. From the bottom of my heart as a human being I am so very sorry for every family members and war friends and familis. This should never be okay and punishment to those that did this horrible thing that just breaks my heart my grandfather fought in nam and he has so many buddies up there I miss him so much. I think these criminals should not only be prosecuted but be taught every single thing that those war heros went to, not only the ones we lost in that war but the ones that survived and the families and buddies that are living without ours heros let them hear about the reason they have a hole in their heart that could never be filled and any and all the homeless vets on our streats from any war. God Bless everyone that fought in any war so I can sit here typing on my computer this morning because I have the freedom from every single man and women that fought and are still fighting for my freedom. We just must hope that the Lord opens the eyes of who ever thought this was acceptable. Again I just want to say THANK-YOU TO OUR LOST VETS OUR VETS THAT ARE STILL WITH US FROM ALL WARS AND THE FAMILLIES THAT HAVE HARD DAYS AND NIGHTS YOU ARE IN MY PRAYS EFERY NIGHT. GOD BLESS. And may justice be servrd.

  13. I hope they catch the taggers and make them serve 4 years in the military. Maybe then they’ll understand the magnitude of what they’ve done.

    1. It is an honor and privilege to serve this great nation. Having someone serve four years as a punishment is disrespectful to those that are proud to serve. We have our laws of the land and if they catch the low life then for each name that was vandalized hand down the sentence and since it was in CA it should be 3 strikes and your out.

    2. To all those who recommended that these criminals be put in the military. WRONG! The military would not change people like this. My grandson is a deployed Marine. Those scumbags would not last long after it was found out what the did to this memorial. They would be like convicted child molesters in prison. They must be separated from the general population for their own safety. These are not only criminals who should be convicted of a felon do that many of their rights would be taken away, but lack character. They are cowards!

  14. This was May. Have these communists been caught and punished. Was the Memorial cleaned. I’d it now guarded? If not jail, community service in a Veteran’s Hospital emptying bedpans and urinals. Followed by history lessons. They need to be the ones to clean the wall and go to each person on that wall’s family and apologize. They need to learn who that person was and why they served to keep even these vandalous low life’s FREE.

  15. I think that anyone convicted of defacing or destroying a memorial for any war should be placed before a military firing squad and shot to death and to hell with any do good idot that thinks that the punishment is to severe.

  16. What is america coming to?A Nam vet, 21 years service,, have to go with what was said above ,need draft back , no mandatory 2 years service, I said mandatory.This and past generations need to be taught what honor and America is all about.!

  17. I am so tired of the disrespect people are showing towards our military. I have relatives and friends who served in the Vietnam war. The people who vandalized this monument definitely need to go to jail. Idiots!!!!

  18. I hope they are caught and suffer the wrath of God. I have a friend who was a Navy Seal in the hospital suffering with lung cancer. He served 23 years in the Navy for this country and it makes me do sad and so very angry to see this kind of desecration of a Vietnam Memorial.

  19. The vandals should be required to clean the wall of the damage, be required to maintain the cleaning of the wall monthly for a year and a public apology to the family’s of every name they vandalized. I’m an Arizona Vietnam vet and there is no excuse for this disrespect

  20. Blow their legs off with a grenade, medevac them an hour later by chopper. Maybe they will get the idea.

    The sorry son of bitches have never served this country in the military but have the balls to deface a memorial that honors the ones who died while defending this country. And then they talk about their rights…
    Everyone of the protestors and vandals should be punished by putting them into the military and send them overseas into combat. Let them see what it means to really fight for their lives.

    1. This is an excellent idea! I thought the same thing, put them in the military and see if they can even make it through basic training. I doubt that they would. They would probably cry like little babies. After that take them to a military hospital to see the veterans and how they are having to live with their war wounds , physicle and emotional. Thee are many good young people out there in this day and age, unfortunately there are many useless ones as well. They do what they want with no regard for anyone else. They are cowards and run away and hide in the shadows and then if they should get caught they have the nerve to demand their rights.I weep at what is happening in the world and what it is becoming. I for one would not bring children into the world now for fear of the path that world is headed down. I hope these culprits are caught and just punishment is enforced.

    2. I don’t think that they should be ‘punished’ by being put in the military. We have to protect our military members from idiots like these. They would be a hazard to the true military heroes.

  22. Such disrespect to the men and women who served in the military. they should be put behind bars and pay restitution to have it restored back to the way it was .SMH at how disrespectful people are. after its fixed they need to have survellance camera`s put up .

  23. The perps are more than likely illegals who are getting a free ride. Even if they’re caught, they won’t be punished – they are never punished for anything. They have more rights than we do and have NO respect for those people who fought and died for those rights!

    1. What makes you think they are illegals? They are probably spoiled little punks who have no idea what these brave soldiers went through in order for them to run free with no regard for our servicemen and women.

    2. When they find them, they need to take them to Vietnam, drop them off & never let them come back to the U.S.!!!

  24. I hope with all my heart that they will be found and punished to the full extent of the law.

  25. My brother was a marine in Nam and died of cancer from agency orange. It is so saddling that those who did this have no concept of what so many went through so we can be a land of the free.

  26. This really pisses me off. My Dad is Nam vet. I take this personally. These little piss ants either need to serve several years in prison or need to be thrown into the service n put on the front line. Only lil bitches do this kinda stuff.

  27. Catch them and deport them. They do not deserve to live in this country. These are men who lived and died in a hell hole. They need to learn respect for our country and service people . This is totally unacceptable.

    1. I suppose in our Country they would be pardoned… would claim freedom of speech or something… maybe not even be prosecuted!!!

    2. Ya it took them how long to find someone to burn a mosque, and they still haven’t caught the maggots who did this, and Bob barker you can just burn in hell.

  28. my heart is breaking my couisin is on this wall my father was in the vietnam war as so as my godfather how dare anyone destroy a monument that has many lives on this and some familys this is all they have to be close to there loved ones the people who did this deserve more than jail time they need to meet the familys of loved ones that are on the wall and let them know how it hurts to have some destroy a piece of are heart and history

  29. I to lost friends serving in the Vietnam war fighting for our freedom in this country, not for the freedom of some thugs that probably don’t even work for a living or smart enough to even pull there pants up ! They think gangs are cool !!
    I think they should be put in the army and if they are not smart enough to serve or can’t cope with it the next option is prison where they can keep them pants down ! I worked in a Army Ammunition plant at the time making canister mines, hangernaids, & atomic bombs for the vietnam war and we lost people working there making arms. I think this country needs to impose different rules for these punks maybe they wouldn’t be getting free rides in prison with schooling & training that honest working kids and there families have to work and pay for !!

  30. My dad’s name is on that wall, shame on you! You are a disgrace ! Gary James Palmer

  31. Shameful…Are the names now gone? I lost 4 high school friends in Vietnam Nam. What is wrong with people to do such a horrible deed. Any leads on the perps.

  32. Find them, drop them in the middle of a now active war zone, Syria, Iraq… cage them before the drop… maybe they will realize what respect is just before their death…

  33. Was in Nam 1968 during Tet can not understand why some one would disrepect the ones t he ones who gave thier lifes so that you could do what you did I hope you rot in hell.

  34. Such a shame and lack of respect. I hope they are found and disciplined severely.

  35. To those who did this, you are nothing but cowards, and always will be. You will never reveal yourself because you are exactly that a coward. It shows what a piece of trash you are to deface something like this, a memorial that HONORS those that not only served this country, it honors the ultimate sacrifice they made so this country can live in Freedom. I hope one day you are found out, and revealed for the coward you truly are. You are not a man because you do something as revolting as this, and I GUARANTEE you will never stand up and own what you did, because you are a coward.

  36. Well I Was There Young Kids Dieing, This Wasn’t a Person From a Foreign Country. It Was Probably One Making a Comment. On This Link. A Very Sick, Individual. You Going to Sit Back and Snicker, Like the Child You Are. You Should Have been Aborted, I Would Make The Person or Persons, Use a Tooth Brush, In The Heat, And Cold. Like These Hero’s Who Served, Under Extreme Temperatures. But The Perpetrators, Would Wish God, To Forgive Them For Birth. People are Totally different from the Great Generation To Answer the Call. Or Build This Great Country. God Forbid A Lowlife, With Too Much Time On Their Hands. Get a Life. Better Yet Get a Job.

  37. A fitting punishment would be to investigate every name defaced, and write a story of their lives and the effect on the family members of their deaths. Then they could guard the wall from vandalism.

  38. I believe, it is far time, we put a stop to open borders that allow illegal immigration and spawn Latino gangs that end up defacing Veteran’s Memorial Monuments.

  39. The name Michael William Notermann is on that wall… died June 1970, the kid brother of my beloved husband. He was twenty years old. Lets see… this happened just prior to Memorial Day… We’ve never heard of this.. Nothing…. My God !!! I wish I could speak to the disgusting vermin that accomplished this disgusting act…

  40. My heàrt is çryinģ ! Çrying for every name on that wall ! Crying for evry family that lost a loved one ! My heart is crying for all the w
    ounded, men and women in our Veterans Hospitals everywhere! My nature is to be nonviolent and everone is innosent until proven gulty by a panel of peers! This was an act of violence toward every human being Living or Dead !! If and when they are caught , AND THEY WILL BE , I would like them tobe punished the old fashioned way, STOCKS IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE ! 24 HRS. ADAY NO FOOD OR WATER, NO SANITARY PRIVILEGES ! STONING PERMISSABLE ! NO FRUITs or VEGEATBLES ALLOWED! CLEAn UP WOULD BE EXPENSIVE!! LET THE CROWS PICK THEM To PIECES AND CLEANUP THE CRAP ##

  41. These scumbags need to spend the next 5 years volunteering at the VA hospitals 8hrs a day 6 days a week and ankle bracelet to watch them. Also, they should clean up their mess and be on a leash!

  42. If they are caught I would make them clean it and make them stand by the street in front with a poster saying “I did this”. Then put in jail for a very long time.

  43. I believe ignorant, bored teens did this. I don’t believe it’s the President’s fault, this wasn’t political, it was stupid, senseless, cruel, I think if cops ask the right questions to the right people, they will find them. Once caught, then what? I think for a crime as heinous as this, it should be considered an act of terrorism, and they should be tried by Homeland Security, as terrorists. Under the Terrorist Act of 9/11, they can be held indefinitely at Gitmo, for instance, without benefit of counsel, and questioned whenever the U.S Attorney General wants to. I grew up watching the Vietnam War play out on TV, men and women coming home missing body parts, suffering from PTSD, being spit on, or in body bags. This “police action” should never have happened, but because old men wanted it, our friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, lovers died. They deserved respect, they still do. They deserved the truth from our government, they still do. They did not deserve to have one of the few memorials honoring their bravery, courage, and death, to be destroyed. If, and when they catch these “homegrown terrorists”, they need to be taught a lesson that will stay with them forever. Lock them up, try them under the Terrorist Act of 9/11. Let them know that this could be an executable charge. When convicted they will not have the right to appeal, must serve every single second of their sentence, no visitors, no outside contact, no exercise yard, nothing, because as terrorists, they themselves gave up the rights enjoyed by the lowest criminal in this country. Forever.
    No “good time”, no bail, no visitors, just constant, unending silence in a cell, hidden away from the world. Forever. That’s what I believe.

  44. These jerks should have all of their rights revoked and they should be permanently deported to the Middle East and stripped of their citizenship.

  45. Not only do these people just use spray paint, in the Chicago area they scratched grafity into glass. Just about every public bus and train shelter has glass scratched.

  46. The motherless scum sucking maggots who did this must be hiding under mommy’s skirts before stealing her gold teeth. Cowards usually hide in Canada. These vermin are even lower than them. What happened? Did your daddies do you while you were in the shower? I’ll meet any of you schmucks on the street. And the liberal Commies who think its a freedom to deface a hero’s memoriial are just as bad. Any of you schmucks want your behind kicked by a 70 year old Marine, see me. That’s if mommy and daddy let you out of the house.

  47. No respect you do the crime you do the time lock em up and throw away the key that’ll teach them manners

  48. I’M JUST FUCKING LIVID OVER THIS. When you find out what scum bags did this, DON’T ARREST THEM. Just put their pictures and names up on Facebook. We (VN VETS) will take care of them ourselves. We’re used to self reliance, and these were our brothers. They will be begging for us to turn them over to the cops.

  49. Find these cowards & they deserve many years in jail, followed by yrs of community service honoring & helping vets!

  50. If anybody wants to contact me, whomever is restoring this wall. Yesterday as I was flying back from Mexico City, I was looking at pictures from about 3 years ago, and I ran across 5 pictures I happened to take with my cell phone, before the wall was vandalized. I recalled reading about this about 3-4 weeks ago. I came home and I was telling my wife about this yesterday., and now I see this article. What a coincidence. Maybe the pictures will help restore the names on the wall…POWs & MIAs You are Not Forgotten!!!. When I zoom in on the pictures, I can read the names. My pictures have good resolution. Semper Fi!!! Francisco J. Barragán CPA, CIA – Served US Marines (1987-1994) & CA Army National Guard (1994-1997) – Commander of UMAVA.org (a veterans organization in Orange County, Ca)

  51. I am sad and sick that someone could do this! They need to be found and justice served. This is a hate crime and should be treated as such.

  52. This is another example of a huge problem. Lack of respect and civility. Refusing to stand for the national anthem, refusing to properly recite the pledge of allegiance, joking and drinking beer with their hats on as the honor guard passes by with the flag, disrespecting veterans, burning or stomping on the flag. Yes, I am a veteran, and yes I defended people’s right to be disrespectful idiots. But just because they can, sure doesn’t mean they should. The punks who did this have absolutely no clue what that memorial means. What it stands for. And how those of us who are not on it, feel about it.

  53. You can thank our current politicians for allowing this and other acts of lawlessness to be perpetrated without penalty because they want to keep the lowlife voters happy. We need to clean house in Nov. and elect those who will stand up to the law and stop all these crimes from going forward. We have too many bleeding heart judges and hot dog lawyers just looking for a quick buck and suing anything possible which allows way to many crimes like this to continue using the first amendment as an excuse.

  54. What totally bullshit! The fucks that did this should totally be punished by placed in jail OR handed over to a few Vietnam Vets… I think I prefer the Vets


  56. This is unforgivable ! Load these disrespectful thugs up and send them to the front lines in Iraq or Afganistan. Let’s see how they feel after fighting and seeing others being killed. Perhaps some of their thug friends. See how they feel about the monuments then !

  57. When and if the individual /s are cought. They should be a mandatory 6yrs in the Marine Corp.

  58. Skinning them alive on live TV, with their entire family forced to watch, would not be enough punishment.

  59. I feel that the criminal that did this to Memorial should be punished but, prison treats their inmates better than those Veterens that are homeless and on the streets, the croak that did this should serve in the Armed forces for 5 years at the least and will learn what it means to have your freedom and know what those men and women on that Wall went thru so that he or she has the freedom to do what they want in this American Country… We are Free because of the Brave . Those crinkles are ignorant in what they do , so catch them and put them in harms way as those who fought did for us?

  60. No this is not right whoever did this should be in prison for disgracing the wall there might come a time I would love to come out and see if my father’s name is on there but the person or persons could do this they need to be in prison. Now Now

  61. Once the authorities catch the perpetrator or perpetrators, they should be given 365 days community service working at the VA Hospital in West LA with the most damaged vets. They need a reality check.

  62. As a Brit I’d say that vandalising a war memorial is about as low as you can get, and certainly deserves a gaol (jail in American) sentence for whoever is proved to have done it. Do these people not realise the pride we feel in our soldiers and the distress that spouses, children and parents feel?

  63. This just goes to show you punishment here in the US is not strong enough…People just do what they want ,when they want to and it just simply don’t matter..Doesn’t matter who they hurt …It’s time we start to take our country … It’s not right for someone to do this ,nor is it right for someone to destroy statues of history… Why is it we can not get along anymore??? What happen to parents or should I say Everyone NOT TEACHING RESPECT ANYMORE!!!!!! Instead of destroying history …Maybe these thugs should learn some history along with respect….I personally am tired of Thugs destroying MY HISTORY… I DON’T DESTROY YOURS!!! PLEASE…when you find them … Punish them to the maximum… Don’t let anyone destroy what our soldiers died for !… Make them pay….

  64. “Vandalizing a monument to brave men and women who served our country in a time of war” Um Vietnam Conflict, not a real war. And, Women? I guess everybody’s a veteran if you’re remotely involved in organized violence. The people involved in our police actions need to respect the constitution and what it means for congress to declare an actual war like WW2 as well as be a real veteran. Fighting people that put people in ovens and for the survival of the country vs fighting a bunch of farmers that don’t want to have to deal with the outside world.

  65. They should be placed in a boot camp of marine veterans as their drill Sargents. A nice long boot camp. At least a year will take the idiot punk gangbang tagger out of them. Guaranteed.

  66. Those who did this despicable crime and show of disrespect should have to join the Army or Marine Corps and the drill sergeants/instructors should be told of their atrocity.

  67. They should be hung by their toe nails WHILE cleaning up the mess they made then flogged on the courthouse lawn once for every name on the memorial!

  68. This is what you can expect when you put a war memorial in a raging, sodomite, Liberal shithole like Venice CA.

  69. It is particularly sad that this vandal chose to take out his feelings on a Vietnam memorial. Of all the living vets, this group has been treated the worst, not only institutionally by the VA, but also individually by Americans themselves. During the Vietnam war, people blamed the soldiers and sailors for policy decisions made by the president, the pentagon, and the commanding generals. Sorry, but we just didn’t have that much sway with the old man. He wouldn’t have asked my opinion anyway. Just wasn’t done. A note to elected civilians in the near future when you find yourself in a quagmire against a far superior force in terms of numbers and skill. For heaven’s sake, listen to the experts, don’t think you know more than a general officer. Believe me, you don’t. They have been studying these scenarios for years and know more than you ever will.

  70. I don’t live in Calf but I am a VietNam Vet I was one of the first to go over there AND I guess you could say that. Me and my PBR crew and our UDT were the first to slap the boys that thought they were the baddest on the block but we changed their minds
    Now the aHOLES that did this is the worst kind of trash that has ever been born they need to catch these punks send them to two different PRISIONED
    One is Levinworth and Porthsmouth N H. All you vets know who are in those places one is full of military Army PRISIONERS ABD one is Navy Marines and Coast Guard prisoners. They may be in jail but they are still Military and 90 per cent of them are still loyal to America they will turn them into SOS
    And you Navy boys knows what that is
    So there are a lot of you Old Vets in Calf hit the streets with a few punchy sticks do a little Charlie interigation on who y’all think it might be
    Charlie had a funny since of humor by making you hurt a lot Now boys hit the streets and make these Charlie want to bees hurt a lot
    I myself lost 8 if my PBR crew and they are on that wall in DC spent 3 years and 1 month over there running back and forth from Bangkok I was what done called a BROWNWATER SAILOR Some of you more than likely was carried by me
    And for sure some on that wall were. If you ever road in a PBR with no numbers and we wire no uniforms you were just introduced to THE BRIWNWATER BOAT COMPANY A SERVICE OF THE IN THE BLACK SUITS AND DARK GLASSES ABD DNIT TALK MUCH WHUCH THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FIR A LOT OF THE NAMES IN THAT WALL WITH THE WORST INTEL EVER

  71. THIS IS.2016 ,no.cameras yet much money is spent on some b.s..NFL football even some high school no longer treat our.flag with respect and honor.Stars , and Stripes represent BLOOD ,TEARS ,DEATH AND SWEAT.IM HOPING and praying these.cowards meet there.reward.FIND THEM.TURN THEM OVER TO VET’S.

  72. Must be enemy.
    Fat Issis live in ghost town with midget sons …Drugs and trouble. Mail theft.

    Destruction Military Housing property. Mail of U.S. pilferage and theft.

    Can identify those and others. Tried Fed. Law enforcement blocked many ways many times. Thinking maybe join to get thru.
    Anyone connected. I have survived so far..Dea Fbi. Fed Martials. Feds. Even in country Cia. Come save my knowledgeable self.

  73. I believe The Wall in DC is watched over 24/7 by Vietnam vet volunteers. I know it used to be. Maybe from now on the LA vets should post a sentry.

  74. Come get your information of crimes agsinst and too country.
    Also yo those eho live here.
    Steady abuse. Small too medium big time.
    I.D. and names of a few. Murderers of good people.
    Sellers and pushers of death causing drugs. Been around long time good guy.
    Need victum, witness protection.
    Ultra Paradise Ridge. Know not too act out. Make me as those who are crime
    No time now. Blew the whistke… Try too get here before they do. Already under watch. I beleave. Lots to tell.and show….so waiting can leave all behind.

  75. This makes my heart hurt! My husband of 40+yrs was a Viet Nam Hero in my eyes…he did 2 tours 69-71…he was a Sgt. and led many younger men thru that crazy war…l know lives were saved by his leadership. Those HEROES were treated so badly upon their return we should still be apologizing and thanking them! 2 boys l graduated with died within several months of their deployment, and they are on that wall….if u cant respect & honor them, then at least dont rub salt in their wounds. l pray that these “taggers” are caught and punished to the full extent of the law! Please people isn’t there too much HATE these days…lets all just try to get along! From the bottom of my heart l love & thank ALL OUR VETERANS! Peace!

  76. There have always been some who opposed war, for whatever reason. Even “A soldier-warrior has a vested interest in peace, because it is they who will pay the price of war.” I have never met anyone trained in the role of being a combat soldier who actually relished the role of stopping a bullet, a bomb or a bayonet. Oh, yes, there are those who initially consider the whole thing an adventure and an opportunity to demonstrate their prowess in battle, but, just like a battle plan, it evaporates when the bullets start flying. The monuments raised to those courageous and honorable men who were casualties in combat deserve a measure of respect commensurate with those being honored. Those who oppose military training and war have no respect for anyone or anything connected with them and they are petty, inconsiderate, devious and cowardly. Unfortunately they pass those traits and attitudes along to their children and future generations.

    Martial training does not convert anyone into a ruthless killer unless they brought ruthless with them as one of the qualities of their personality. Military training develops the physical abilities, knowledge and skills necessary to kill in combat, but they are still the same people inside with the same character traits. If a person was a dishonorable liar, cheat and thief before military basic training, they will remain so afterward unless they find a reason to change. Military discipline gets them to dress, talk and act like professional soldiers while on duty, but it cannot touch who and what they are. As such, they will march off to war, but it is much easier to teach them to posture and be killed than it is to teach them to kill efficiently without remorse. “Dying is easy. Living is hard.” Killing is damned near impossible, but sometimes it must be done. Anyone sufficiently cruel and uncivilized so as to enjoy the carnage involved in inflicting pain and death on another human being is extremely rare and will most likely not survive the tender mercies of their enemies (or their comrades).

    Defacing public property is a crime and the culprit(s) should be apprehended and experience justice, but not revenge. The proper course wouldn’t be to have them shot, as some have suggested, but to involve them, their siblings and their parents in education, reeducation and attitude change. They are obviously ignorant and ungrateful of the people whose names are on that monument. Teach them who those people were, where they fought, why they fought, what they considered important enough to kill for, and what goal they died trying to achieve. If you cannot justify the sacrifices and honors of these warriors, maybe they don’t have your respect. Once the culprit(s) have been taught the error of their ways, made restitution and faced righteous retribution, THEN round them up along with all of their family members, relatives, teachers, mentors, sponsors, friends, dogs, cats etc., and shoot the whole bunch.

  77. Obviously the person or persons who did this, have no clue what they have done. Sending them to prison, would be to easy for them. If and when they are found, my thought is suit them up and put them in the game. In better terms, sign them into the Marine Corps, put them through basic training, and send them into the battle in Afghanistan. That would be better than prison.

  78. Justice would be to have the vandals sit with the family members of each person on that wall and listen to stories about what kind of person they were.
    Make them understand why those names are on that wall and what their vandalism did to the community.

  79. When they are caught,make them clean the wall every month with a tooth brush,and then give them a white glove inspection,if they fail then make them start all over again till it’s cleaned right.Do this every month for a year!!! My husband is a Vietnam veteran he was in E.O.D..He has lung cancer from agent orange!!!! He was in the Air Force for 26 years. Retired as a Chief.

  80. I was horrified to see this. I have to disagree with those who say throw them in jail for life. I think they need to FIRST be made to provide the elbow grease to clean the memorial, then they should be writing letters of apology ( by hand) to the families of every soldier whose name was defaced and THEN throw them in jail for life.

    BTW one of the vets commenting mentioned the people who threw stuff at them and called them baby killers etc. etc. I was against the war in Nam. I did protest but never verbally said anything inappropriate to a returning VET, I was a High School and then college kid. BUT, I also never said THANK YOU to a vet either. I know its late, but


  81. I only have this to say to the S.O.B’s who did it….THE WORLD IS ROUND MY FRIEND YOU WILL GET YOURS… And to the man who name is on that wall THANK YOU!!!

  82. WOW!!! These POWs MIAs might still be alive and being tortured every day. We don’t know what happened to them and it’s a shame that a person/people could do such a thing. What were they thinking when doing this? I can only imagine. This is a hate crime and punishment should be severe! I saw the garbage that was painted on the Memorial but I don’t understand what it means. For a person to do this they must be out of their mind. I hope they find the people related to this act of destruction! It would be fair to put these bastards in a room with 100 vets and let the vets beat the crap out of them. This is what America is turning into and I bet, Obama, will say nothing about this. GOD BLESS the people on this wall and every Veteran! I pray the wall will be restored to the original.

  83. It’s just wrong. Yes these were real people. One of those names I knew. His mother and father still visit the memorial in his memory. They are old now. He was a good guy in life. He gave his life for this country. Respect these people!

    1. You obviously don’t appreciate the significance behind such a memorial , regardless if it is a “replica” as you state. (that is replica, not repluca).
      Do we not honor each newly woven American Flag, even the smallest , when we know the “Real Flag” sits at the Smithsonian? Whether the wall is “Real” or a “Replica” has no significance on this post. Monuments are meant to honor the fallen dead, our fathers, mothers, sons & daughters who went to war and died for our nation. But we all have our own American Rights to our own opinion.. so hard fought for by those who have fallen in battles past. Respect monuments as they are meant to be honored, regardless if they are poured from plastic or chiseled from marble….the thought should be the same.
      As for the small minded illiterate street rats who used their Amendment to express their respect for these vetrans…I personally think that they should, of course, be forced to clean the monument they descecrated .
      Afterwards, Public caning in the city square, backs stripped of all shirts and by the end of the punishment stripped of all flesh. A good measure of salt rubbed into all wounds… then deport the bastards to North Korea.
      All American Citizenship , with Rights & Priviledges be revoked as well..

  84. This whole thing just sickens me. The kids these days have no respect, but worse, they never have punishments for anything. They have parents that don’t discipline or are afraid to and this is the result. Kids who are raised properly with GOD and respect for themselves and others would never do such an unspeakable act. Wake up people!!

  85. Well I believe when caught they should be tortured and made to live in the same environment as our

    pow’s nothing could ever compare to what they suffered daily.God bless them every soldier who served in every war keeping our nation free.”Land of the free home of the brave” My heart weeps for these soldiers men and woman and thier families who sacrificed so much,and yet they still suffer at the hands of these heartless infidels. Throw away the key.

  86. When these people are caught they should be taken over to Seria right into the thick of the fighting and made to experience what a soldier has to do for them and our whole country. If that doesn’t humble them to the point of falling on their knees. Leave them there.

  87. Each time I visit the Vietnam Memorial, I feel a sense of emotion to the core of my being. It brings me to tears just thinking of it. Seeing others deface this Monument brings me to the same degree of sadness …. and anger that we have such a level of disrespect for the many who sacrificed so much. I fear the tenor of the political system right now is making it ‘okay’ to express hated …. and that worries me for our country and our future.

  88. This is unacceptable behavior and when found the vandals should be strongly prosecuted. This is a disgrace.

  89. If a person without malice can do something so stupid then let without malice determine their punishment. A person who didn’t serve in the arm service have no clue what a veteran stands for.Make them earn the right to even be near the wall. Get justice for careless act

  90. I am a Canadian….and I am Apauled and disgusted by this sickening display of lack of respect!! Anybody who refuses to stand for our National Anthems should be ejected from where they sit!! I sincerely hope that who is responsible is found and charged to the highest account of the law!! You poor pathetic excuses of a human you are!!

  91. The Bible says It is appointed unto man once to die — then cones the judgment.

    We will ALL stand before God And be judged. He will take care of this wrong.
    His Word is TRUTH.


  93. As a British soldier in Malaya in 1965 I was with my Squadron of Royal Engineers sent to construct an airfield in Ubon. I and a few others spent some time billeted at the small Kampong overlooking the USAF base. our neighbours were Thais and gunship crews of the USAF. We watched them come and go and the Phantoms taking off to later approach their targets I was told, from the China sea.
    Whatever your views about war humanity has to respect the fallen. The scum that did this should be binned up for the rest of their natural lives. Disgusting. Unfortunately such outrages happen in the UK as well.

  94. POS need to stop being sneaking little cowards. Defacement of a memorial to heroes is beyond cowardly and they need to be caught and prosecuted

  95. I am currently serving my country since 2009, and every day I see more and more anti-American acts disgracing the national flag which is clearly a lack of guidance and education leaving the residents of our country to believe it is acceptable behavior. They need to be reminded what oath they promised to uphold and the gifts and rights they have that other countries do not. Never mind what mistakes and issues our politicians make, it is and always has been our job to correct and or make sure the wrong is righted if so possessing the power to do so as an American..that’s our responsibility, we need a reminder now and then to keep this country safe for future generations to enjoy. SO DO YOUR PART AS THE MEN AND WOMEN DO OVER SEAS, AND PROTECT THIS BEAUTIFUL LAND OF THE FREE HOME OF THE BRAVE AND DO RIGHT TO RESPECT OUR VETERANS TO GAVE AND CONTINUE TO GIVE THERE LIVES FOR THE COMFORTS WE ALL SHARE. THIS IS OUR LAND…REMEMBER THE SONG!!!!


  97. I was a Vietnam K-9 Handler, 70-71 and the punks are out of control.
    If Crooked Hillary get’s in, this country is in big trouble.

  98. Simple solution, parachute their sorry ass over North Korea. You’ll never have the issue with them again, if they live long enough to escape that rock.

  99. I think that anybody does said to any Veterans that I put up there lives and never made it home and even the ones that made it home that are totally disabled and hurting from serving there country weather did this should be tracked down and they should be treated the same way as a murderer if there is a law in the state that says murder is punishable by death the nice people should be put the death her veterans are the best people in the world if it wasn’t for them we may not be here I am a Canadian and I have served in the Royal Canadian Air Force in the 60’s and I have never seen anything like this in my life this is so terrible it brings tears to my eyes I just don’t understand what’s wrong with the world today this is not the older generation this is the younger generation for some reason not understanding what are veterans have done for us please Lord find these people and punish them thank you so much Lionel Hirsch Sydney Nova Scotia Canada

  100. What scumbags to do such an act, Those Men and Women whom fought in that war deserve nothing but respect .My Father , Stanley F. Farley , fought in that War and He told Me many stories of that horrendse War , and said it was the worse War including W.W. 1 and W.W. 2 . Again Respect to all those that servered.

  101. Break their hands and NOT set them to heal all broke up so they can’t ever do it again.

  102. I hope they find them and punish them to the fullest. My husband did not fight in Vietnam so people could continue to spit on him and the others who came home and the others who did not. This saddens me so. Leave something so beautiful alone, admire it and not deface it. I am truly outraged.

  103. This act is such a disgrace. I think that using all of the surveillance cameras that are available the guilty should be caught quickly. The should have a very public trial . I hope a long prison term is in store for them. This is too serious for community service. I would not disgrace any veterans’ group, hospital, or meeting by having these people meet with them. They are not worthy.

    Additionally, although this is not the original wall, the names of heroes are on the wall. They should never be altered in anyway. They represent everything the vandals are not and more.

  104. Interesting how everyone is so passionate to find and punish. I for one worked at the local ‘moving wall’ several years ago. Assigned to work 12 hours watch and assisting visitors, I ended up working over 60 hours after seen the many men, women, families coming to search for a name. Moving experience. That said I hope they catch the taggers and they are punished too.

    But ….

    Given the way the west coast and liberals lay blame, why aren’t the paint stores, manufacturers or anyone in possession of spray paint can in their home roasted … you know, like gun incidents that always seem to blame the weapon not the person holding the weapon.

  105. To Mudhooks. It doesn’t matter what it was, it was a Memorial to the great people that wall represents. Whether it was the REAL wall of a REPLICA does not change that fact that it was a Memorial to the military people and should never be disrespected. I’m sure if anyone, even those idiots, had a Memorial erected for them or one of their loved ones (if they have any) they would experience the outrage practically ALL of us are feeling.
    I don’t relish the thought of our military troops having to deal with whoever did this because they would be risking their lives trying to keep the idiot(s) alive, because our troops are caring and honorable people. That’s what they do “protect”. I wouldn’t trust them with our valuable veteran either, they suffered enough. Now if they could empty bed pans and clean up yucky stuff like that without contact with our vets then I’m so for it.
    I agree, they should have to clean, back to it’s original state, and maintain that wall with a tooth brush maybe for at least 2 years. Then personally apologize to any living family member locally and then hand write each family member that do not live close an apology. If the family choose to spend their time with the idiot(s) then the family can tell them what that person was like, what they gave up and how that person’s family suffered not having them around.
    It is a hate crime and they should suffer the consequences of it as well.
    That’s my opinion anyway.

  106. They should be sent out there with toothbrushs and buckets and make then clean up the wall then stay there until the wall clean, and fixed the way they found it. If it take all winter to clean the wall, then they should be mades to stay there until the wall is clean.

  107. I AM LIVID!!!!! Words that I will use in public escape me! What kind of slimy, low-life, knuckle-dragging coward would deface a memorial honoring those who sacrificed their lives in protecting the rights & freedoms that citizens of the USA take for granted? Ironically, these same rights & freedoms so dearly paid for also protect the very cretins that do things like this. Freedom of Expression does NOT give people the right to vandalize!!! The person or persons responsible for this public display of ignorance should be cuffed to a chair and forced to listen to our Veterans tell about what their lives were like BEFORE, DURING and AFTER their tour(s) of duty. And listen to the families whose loved ones didn’t come back home alive, or worse yet, didn’t come back at all . . . . .RIP to those who’ve lost their lives fighting for our country, God bless the ones who are still living and THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE!.

  108. This just breaks my heart! How disrespectful can a person be? I was raised to respect my elders, the law, and my country. Some of these low lives, who do horrible things like this, either were not raised with any values or morals, think nothing of defiling something that means so much to others. And they think nothing of all of the lives that were lost fighting for them to have the right to have freedom of speech! What has happened to our country?

  109. These taggers have no idea what our Veterans have been through and all the sacrifices they’ve made for us and for them to deface such a precious monument makes me furious. They should absolutely go to jail. These thugs have been raised in households where respect and discipline were not reinforced. There needs to be consequences for such actions. My sentiment applies to all taggers out there!

  110. I agree this should be prosecuted as a hate crime and destruction of government property is should be a felony. If hitting a mail box is a felony this deffinately should be.

  111. This to me is a treasonous act. Those who desecrated this Memorial should be thrown in jail, for a long long time. They should be stripped of their rights as citizens of this country!

  112. currently serving in the Armed Forces. I am VERY proud of him. This is just disgusting. Our Vietnam Vets got it bad enough back in the day. I once met the mother of a young man who was killed in Vietnam, and she spent the better part of an afternoon telling me about him on the anniversary received the telegram. So, to every vet out there I want you to know that the overwhelming majority of us today are proud of you and thankful for what you did for us.

  113. They should make them work in a Veterans Home/Hospital, make them dig by hand a grave of one of our soldiers, they
    should attend every funeral with in 200 miles from home along with the parents of these misfits, they should have them list to family members that have lost love ones. This is very disrespectful. It just angers me to no end when someone disgraces our military. I can’t even say how mad I am.

  114. What should you do with child like behavior. Force them to clean the wall with respect and keep them there till its done with just a wool blanket and feed them fish heads and rice with maggots for extra protein. And every year for the net ten years march back and forth in front of the memorial on Veterans and any other Military Holiday for 2 hours Carrying a 3×5 American Flag on a pole and it better wave as they move. And obey all color guard standards. Remove all graffiti from Los Angles county. And if a gang put it back up grab all gang members line them up against the to clean it and do community service and pay 10,000 for each member to be used to police Graffiti and enforce punishment.

  115. This is the most vulgar, disrespectful, disgusting act I have seen. What is even worse is no national news coverage, no riots, like what has taken place in Ferguson and some of those names are black. A racial issue comes up and all help breaker loose. Disrespect those that fought and DIED for your way of life and this is how Americans thank them. The perpetrator should be sent to a country that does not allow them the freedoms that they clearly take for granted

  116. The people who did this should be made to join the armed services and sent over to the middle east. Maybe after they see what our men and women in uniform have to go thru, they wouldn’t be so quick to do something like this again.

  117. I have a feeling a group of Vietnam Vets are planning to stand 24 hour watches. And maybe they’ll carry baseball bats.

  118. these people should be forced to remove the graffiti and have someone spray permanent paint on them to let others know who they are forever

  119. Clinton did it..
    Bill Clinton needed to express his feelings…
    His wife will lie to her death bed to get elected.
    But as always people see through her lies…


  121. If the person who did this gets caught, I suspect the government is the least of his worries. I know *I* wouldnt want to piss off a very angry crowd of ex marines (And I suspect more than a few currently serving ones). Hell, prison might be the safest place for this asshole.

  122. They should have there hands broken with a hammer, so that they will think twice before spraying paint again. They did not serve and there cowards. Served Viet Nam 69-70 U.S.M.C.

  123. This criminal is probably a minor,lock up mom and dad too. For raising such an ass as this.

  124. I would also add that being larger person in small car compounds the problem. Injuries tend to be worse. Remember too, that a C class is the smaller of the Mercedes, the E and the S classes are larger. I wish they tested the smart car with an H2…

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