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The population of veterans by 2016 is over 21 million but with a tendency to decrease. Unfortunately the tendency of homeless veterans is increasing. By now Homeless veterans are nearly 50 000 according to VA. This is a very frightening fact. Hopefully, they created programs for the homeless.

          Everyone should create a program by himself. A program inside his mind, which make him DO something for the homeless, not only veterans, but every homeless person out there. They need to feel that they can be helpful in some situations. My idea, for example is to hire them for something easy to do or even for big projects. Of course you will pay them for the good work. That way the man or woman will feel they’re needed. They will feel better with their live.

Unfortunately, most of the people go very arrogant with the homeless. This is not how they supposed to be treated.


Vietnam_20Veteran          Some of them don’t lose hope. Some of them are wearing the love of family, friends and so in their hearts. Some of them won’t forget the pain of losing closest people, but will never complain about that.

          So when you meet a homeless person even if he is not veteran, sit next to him for only 5 minutes. Forget about your “full schedule” and make a conversation with this person. Even if you don’t give him money, I BET he or she will feel better. Nowadays a good conversation with person who don’t have many friends is more valuable than money.

          I hope you like this article and something touched you and your soul. Respect everyone on this planet and you will be happier.

God Bless America

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