Veterans Protect a Fallen Soldier’s Funeral from the Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist protestors are the lowest form of human on the planet. They spend their time going around and ruining funerals of fallen soldiers and other cowardly stuff like that. Тhese patriot bikers teach them a lesson.


You gotta love bikers. They are true Americans.


These protestors got a wake-up call when they saw all those bikers defending our soldiers. This is a brand new America. We don’t have room for these people. God bless all of our troops and if you disagree then get off this page right now.

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Thanks, patriots.

5 thoughts on “Veterans Protect a Fallen Soldier’s Funeral from the Westboro Baptist Church

  1. The swine’s who interrupt the funerals o Callan soldiers are not human or Christian. I know my God would never approve of what they do I want to thank the bikers who stop these subhuman garbage. How do they feel they are doing for God? Isn’t it enough a soldier lost his life or a wife lost a husband, parents lost a child or kids lost their dad.

    These things that do this time and time are not doing God’s work they are doing for the devil and when they die I truly hope they spend their life where the belong and not with my heavenly Father. May all of our brave men and women who gave their life to protect our country and the people R I P in the glow of Jesus.

  2. Westboro is not a Church! It is a Satanic cult that should be banned from all Military Funerals!

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